Tuesday is our prep day and wednesday is our spray day. (we can pick the dates that work best for you). All the doors and drawers will be taken down and taken to our shop where they will be prepped and sprayed. Then returning the following friday for the install and touch ups if needed.

    All prep will be taken down at the end of the spray day (wednesday) and you can reuse your kitchen that night if need be. But for the next 3 weeks you must be careful with fingernails etc. Until the paint has cured properly.

    We use an oil base primer (2 coats) and then we will apply the lacquer (3-6 coats). Sanding in between coats for a smooth finish.

    If new Tone Interiors has to fill or drill new holes in the doors/drawers, we will need one piece of the new hardware to create a template.

    We also offer back splash installation and we work closely with our friends at ‘quick quartz counter tops’. Have your counter tops¬†installed within 7days!!

    Please call or email us at anytime for more details. Out with the old and in with the new. Lets transform your kitchen in to your dream kitchen.

    Looking forward to working with!!