Custom Cabinets Clarington

    Many homeowners are considering kitchen and bathroom facelifts these days, but they do not understand the perfect condition of their current cabinets. Being a client-centric custom cabinet renovation contractor in Clarington, we understand you have limited resources to spend on your kitchen. We do not recommend full kitchen remodeling because your current cabinets are doing just fine. All you need is the cabinet door replacement to give your kitchen a new face.

    We will let you keep your old cabinets while changing the front doors and drawer faces for the time being. Hire us for sincere opinions and honest pricing, and we will show you the cabinet door fronts, cabinet hardware, drawer faces, and other affordable accessories available in our inventory. If you are in search of a reliable and skilled contractor to change the old, rotten custom kitchen cabinets, New Tone Interiors is the go-to place for you in Clarington, Ontario. We pride ourselves in delivering unmatched cabinet door replacement services for commercial and residential customers.

    How Do We Replace Custom Cabinets In Clarington?

    The majority of the contractors will suggest casting the old cabinets to get a fully remodeled kitchen. They will come, remove the kitchen cabinets and drawers, and cast them as waste material. Demolishing previous cabinets and installing new ones will take days, weeks, or even months, and it will come heavy on your pockets.

    On the contrary, New Tone Interiors is concerned about your time and money. We believe your existing drawers and cabinets are as good as the new ones except for the exterior doors and fronts. We will offer premium materials, designs, and colors to match your kitchen layout. All you have to do is to remove delicate items and appliances from the countertops and make way for us in your kitchen.

    We will discuss with our prospective customers to choose a suitable color combo and trendy design for synchronization with the rest of the kitchen and bathroom. The sky is the limit for our refurbishing skills, and we know how to replace cabinet fronts to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction.

    List Of Options? 

    New Tone Interiors is a well-reputed local contractor in Clarington, famous for its commitment and skills in replacing custom cabinets and doors in residential and commercial buildings. We offer door replacement and complete kitchen remodeling solutions at your doorstep. Homeowners often add new cabinets to enhance the resale value of the house. Whether it is only front swapping or full renovation, you can trust us for the most satisfying outcomes. We offer,

    1. Stylish Doors

    Cabinet doors, rails, panels, and edges always stand out as the point of focus in your kitchen. Experts at New Tone Interiors will have a detailed discussion with you to decide the most attractive and modern door styles for a kitchen makeover.

    2. Wood Material

    Wood material will cast a strong impact on your overall kitchen. Wood material comes in various shades, densities, and colors, but we will select it as per your demands. We would love to know about the materials you are interested in for your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors.

    3. Perfect Color and Sheens

    Picking the right color for the right section is always a tricky task for homeowners, especially when you are spending a sizeable amount on cabinet door changing. Shed the pressure off of your shoulders because we will suggest the most suitable colors from dependable and quality manufacturers for longevity. Whether you need a more natural design or a glossy look for your cooking area, we will not disappoint you with our unlimited options.

    We are not done yet, because your new custom cabinets need the sheen for proper finishing. You can choose a matte finishing touch or a more shining option for drawer fronts and cabinets.

    What’s in it For You? 

    • On-time finishing
    • Regular progress reports
    • No follow-ups are needed
    • Quality work
    • Best material and colors
    • Free Consultation
    • Guaranteed results
    • Value for your time and money
    • All spare parts and logistic support
    • Comparatively cheaper services
    • Friendly staff

    Why Hire New Tone Interiors? 

    We have been operating in the custom cabinet replacement market for 20 years as a local contractor in Clarington, Durham. By embracing a unique hi-tech approach, modern styles, the latest designs, and reliable products, we are offering top-notch craftsmanship for homeowners. For cabinet doors and drawer front replacing services, we are at your service seven days a week. Visit our showroom to watch our kitchen and bathroom cabinet models and imagine what your home will look like after this particular addition. Be it a simple kitchen makeover job or a complete remodeling project, we offer that no one can promise in the markets we serve.