Delivering Quality Repainting Solutions In Oshawa

    How would you determine what is the right time to repaint your home surfaces? Observe closely if the wall or cabinet paint is chipped, scratched, or flacking; hire New Tone Interiors for top-notch surface renovation and repainting services under your budget. We are proud local painters serving Oshawa and other significant places for 20 years. Call us for a free consultation, design, and color selection to facelift your home interior and exterior.

    Applying new colors to your home is the most convenient way to transform your property. This idea will come in handy if you are trying to sell your home. It’s not something you can do all by yourself with just some paint brushes and any paint brand. It would help if you were a master at the job to harvest desired results using particular skills.

    A homeowner can expect the best results if the surface is painted by someone with excellent tricks and authentic knowledge of available brands. Please don’t waste your valuable time, and let us do the owner of repainting your home surface. Consult your case with our team and entrust this task to the most reliable local painters in Oshawa.

    We Promise Professional Outcomes

    Hiring our expert painters means you will get smooth, well-managed, evenly painted walls without discolored patches. We believe a splash of paint can genuinely uplift the value of your home if applied professionally.

    We prioritize providing class-apart repainting services to our clients in Durham and nearby. New Tone Interiors knows the paint brands suitable for different surfaces. If you are hiring us for cabinet refinishing, we know which paint will not deteriorate under the steamy or wet conditions of the kitchen and bathroom. Being the best regional painters in Oshawa, we recommend astonishing design and fabulous color combinations to maintain contrast and cohesion in your residential and commercial property.

    Our Expertise Being A Local Surface Painters In Oshawa?

    Our services include:

    • Interior painting
    • Cabinets painting
    • Home painting
    • Commercial painting
    • Condo painting

    Our Procedure To Ensure Spotless Repainting Outcomes

    Our purpose is not only to make your house beautiful but to apply a material with high sticking and survival ability under steamy, wet, and extra dry conditions. Whether it is a small renovation task in the kitchen or you want to apply a new weather sheet on the exterior surface of the property, we will finish it quickly without creating a mess. We will finish any task in a fraction of time by following these steps;

    1. Before we arrive at the site, try to remove all the furniture and other delicate items. We will wrap the heavy appliances and cover the floors with plastic.
    2. After making these arrangements, the next step is using a primer to make all the surfaces smooth. If priming is needed before the whitewash coating, we will perform it and fill all the holes to ensure even walls and surfaces.
    3. Our professional painters will apply the selected paints and designs to complete an easy and satisfying repainting project with a finishing coating. Before we leave, our crew will unwrap the site and clean it.
    4. We will not take your leave without a satisfying inspection from the homeowners.

    Why Choose Us In Oshawa? 

    We are the only painting contractors you can trust to get maximum satisfaction for a repainting job. Another reason to select us is our comprehensive approach, free consultation, and guidance down the road. Our experts will determine what material and color will multifold the value and beauty of your exterior and interior. We recommend you use the SHERWIN-WILLIAMS paint brand.

    This company manufactures premium quality paints to match your standard. When you hire us as your painting and renovation contractor in Oshawa, you will get a special exemption on rates from SHERWIN-WILLIAMS. We give a warranty for our services.

    Want to witness what our local painters are capable of doing? Reach out to us for exterior and interior repainting solutions for homes, buildings, and other properties in Oshawa.