It was a summer call, a couple in their late twenties were expecting a baby boy. They previously had bought all the essentials for the newcomer but only left to recreate the space. They approached us after the man’s brother has referred them. The clients were both lovely and requested if we could give them our best shot for a home makeover. The way of communication touched our heart and we, at that very instant, decided to provide them with a surprise of their life. We went to inspect the room which we had to renovate and noted their specific desires.

    Though the budget was not so expensive, still we planned a fantastic contrast of sky blue with orange accents for the cabinets and window trims to create some depth. Before proceeding, we made them understand that this project is going to be a surprise, so we wanted them to indulge in their life processes, and rest assured of the paint job. The couple agreed to it and were very excited to hear our offer. They even went out to their relatives, giving us complete privacy to proceed with our work. After the material shopping, we reached back to the place and started working.

    Initially, we carefully assessed the walls and ceiling for damages, moisture, and mould, but there weren’t any, thankfully.  We then proceeded with the priming. All sharp angles adjoining the ceilings from the walls and walls from the floors were replaced with curved trims. We also added led strips alongside the room to create luminance even when all the light are gone so the child may not get scared. We even decided to paste a vinyl mural on the main wall with animals and trees to create a safari appeal. The pictures had to be animated and cute looking.

    While we ordered the vinyl sheet, we started painting the ceiling. It took us about 6 hours to complete the ceiling with zero oddities. The next day we initiated painting the trims around the walls. The curvature is always delicate to work in, but we still managed to do things quite precisely. Eventually, the walls were painted, and when the staff rested for the paint to dry, we felt so good to see how amazing the contrast was looking. The door paint was not in the request, but the white door was spoiling the contrast, so we communicated the client and told them what we’ve planned.

    They again touched us by saying that it’s their surprise and they won’t share any more personal views about it. The door had some textures, but we flushed them all by filling them and making a seamless appeal as of other walls. Once the paint was ready, the vinyl arrived. The character selection and the colour scheme went amazingly perfect with the plan. For a day of wait and cleaning process, we called the clients to come and have a look.

    The women literally screamed out of happiness when she first looked at it. They thanked us a lot, served us all the lunch and then we departed with good wishes for the baby and the parents. The clients even call us sometimes and also share memories of their boy playing in the very same room we renovated. We’ve enjoyed a lot working with them.